AFRIMAC II, a project for entrepreneurial, technological, entrepreneurial and innovative exchange in matters of high economic impact between the Canary Islands and West Africa, has also been submitted to the second call of the INTERREG Territorial Cooperation Operational Program (MAC) in search of funding such as Mr. Rafael F. Páez Santana is our Advisor to the area, where the Island Council of Fuerteventura also acts as a leader.

The Operational Program of Territorial Cooperation Madeira-Azores-Canary Islands (MAC) 2014-2020 is the main instrument for the outermost regions of Spain and Portugal to provide an effective response to the common challenges they face in terms of innovation, competitiveness, internationalization and sustainable development.

The five major areas or thematic objectives of the “I Call for Operational Program of Territorial Cooperation INTERREG V-A Madeira, Azores and Canaries (MAC) 2014-2020” are:

  • Point 1:  Strengthening research, technological development and innovation.
  • Point 2:  Improve the competitiveness of companies.
  • Point 3:  Promoting climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management.
  • Point 4:  Preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency.
  • Point 5:  Improve institutional capacity and efficiency of public administration.

Being Point 2 on “Improving the competitiveness of the companies” the one impelled by this project and with which it is intended to create the conditions for the internationalization of the companies in the Canaries in general and in Fuerteventura in particular. It also includes actions related to improving the competitiveness of companies, namely:

  • The promotion of business cooperation for the development and implementation of business models for SMEs in the area of ​​cooperation.
  • Legal, technological, commercial and scientific support services for innovation and business internationalization.

The Cooperation Area is composed of Madeira, the Azores and the Canaries, as well as three countries: Cape Verde, Senegal and Mauritania, which due to their geographical proximity have been invited and have accepted to participate in the Program that has allowed the expansion of the natural space for socio-economic and cultural influence.

AFRIMAC II has three specific objectives:

  • Enhancement of knowledge of existing business opportunities in the international arena in the complementary emerging sectors of the Canary Islands from a gender perspective.
  • Promotion of the business networks created and promotion of the creation of new joint business initiatives, promoting equal participation of women and men.
  • Increase the competitive potential and entrepreneurship in the cooperation area with a gender focus.

On this occasion, AFRIMAC II has the participation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of the Canary Islands and the Fundación Canaria Radio Ecca. In addition to the following partners from third countries: the Agence pour l’Economie et la Maitrise de l’Energie (AEME) of Senegal; the Ministry of Industry and Energy and the Ministry of Education of Cape Verde; and the Association de lutte contre la pauvreté and the Association Initiatives pour un Développement Endogène IDEE of Mauritania.


Viceconsejería de Acción Exterior del Gobierno de Canarias
Fundación Canaria Radio Ecca
Cabildo de Fuerteventura

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