AFRIMAC and Radio Ecca collaborate in the creation of “Mujer Emprende”

AFRIMAC and Radio Ecca collaborate in the creation of “Mujer Emprende”

AFRIMAC has confirmed an online course with Radio Ecca, “Mujer Emprende“, which is dedicated to the entrepreneurship of the women of Fuerteventura and Cape Verde.

This course will try to help women to make the leap to entrepreneurial autonomy, giving them advice on how to start this journey or, if they are already immersed in it, how to make their business prosperous by giving tips on different tools, aids and methods from which they can take advantage (ICT tools, marketing, intangible assets, etc.).

This course will also have, on the one hand, a monthly radio program, in which, among other things, you will be able to enjoy interviews with successful women entrepreneurs in this field, and on the other hand, interviews and podcasts that, later, will be accessible through the websites of both entities ( and, apart from the material and audios that make up each course of Radio Ecca.

Also, the course “Mujer Emprende” is intertwined with the AFRIMAC project “100 Women to Change West Africa“, with the intention that those women who participate in this project can also benefit from the course.

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